Our Services

At Veloz we offer 3 categories of deliveries: Retail, Legal & Banking, and Standard deliveries. Each category uses our regular and expanded delivery zones. Decide what’s best for your business and get in touch at sales@veloz.ca


Customers of our partnered stores enjoy shopify integrations, live map tracking, text notifications, and photo proof of delivery. And now, they can track the carbon emissions they’ve saved by shopping with a Veloz partnered store.

Legal & Banking

Cheque certifications, mortgage payouts, tax payment, deposits, bank drafts, cheque drop-offs, and everything in between. Our co-owners have been at it for years and know exactly how it should be done. Rest easy knowing you went with the best. Get in touch today.


Print material, moving boxes, placards, trophies, you name it! You’d be surprised how much we can move with our cargo bikes and trailers year-round. We know every building and corner of Ottawa and deliver your packages with the professionalism and enthusiasm that only a co-owner of the company can offer. Get in touch today.

Delivery Zone Map

From Woodroffe to St Laurent. From the Island of Hull to the Rideau River. Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, we cover more ground than you’d expect. Legal & Banking and Standard clients can get deliveries in as little as 30 minutes in the green zone, while all clients enjoy same-day deliveries spanning both blue and green zones.