Every courier, an owner

Established in 2017 and a registered cooperative since 2021.
This sets Veloz apart from the competition, as each courier is invested
in the growth and success of the business. Our clients receive a level of care
and professionalism that only owners can provide.

“Veloz Courier has raised the bar in the courier industry. From their upbeat, positive personalities to their incredible work ethic, it is a pleasure to work with every member of the Veloz Team. They go above and beyond to make sure our needs are met every single day. Always Providing fast, efficient and friendly service. We could not recommend Veloz Courier more.”

Covid – 19 Service Update

As the world faces this health crisis, Veloz has taken the necessary precautions to keep our team, clients, and delivery recipients as safe as possible. Although many of our professional clients have temporarily closed, our retail partners who are closed to foot traffic have been able to remain open by increasing deliveries through our services. We are currently accepting new clients and hope to extend our services to other retail businesses coping with the crisis. All members of our team take personal safety precautions, including the use of gloves, frequent hand sanitation, and contact-less delivery whenever possible.

We are what we do!

Veloz Courier Coop is a proudly worker-owned and operated same-day courier service in Ottawa. That means every courier handling your deliveries is an invested owner of the company with a level of professionalism and commitment that you just can’t find anywhere else. Our passions and principles fuel our unique and growing model that prioritizes socioeconomic and environmental sustainability.

Since beginning in 2017, we’ve expanded our clientele to retail stores, law firms, and any business needing same-day deliveries.

Most importantly, we’re a zero-emissions courier service. Each delivery you send with Veloz counts towards your saved carbon emissions. Together with our partnered clients, we’ve helped save over 4 tons in carbon emissions.

Delivery zone map

From Woodroffe to St Laurent to the Rideau River Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Whether you’re a retail store looking for same-day deliveries with shopify integrations, a law firm in need of banking and legal deliveries, or another business that just needs same-day deliveries to reach your customers, we’ve got you covered with the fastest, most professional, and most sustainable deliveries Ottawa has to offer.

Get in touch!

Heard enough and want to start growing your business with fast, sustainable deliveries from the best of the best? Email us at sales@veloz.ca and one of our co-owners will help get you started. See you soon!